Jeff Bracey has always been drawing. At age 3 his scribbles sudden became recognizable pictures. After years of attempting to satisfy others in school and work, he took the exciting and terrifying plunge into living his dream. After many discouraging attempts to break into comics, Jeff gave up for a few years. However, all that would change when a friend gave him an airbrush. Jeff took to painting and airbrushing like he was born doing it. Armed with new talents and the ability to share his work one the internet, Jeff’s work blasted off into a whole new dimension of quality. The ability to interact with artists all over the world fueled a new desire to work in comics. Agressively hitting the comic conventions and the web, Jeff finally made the contact he’d been looking for. Silent Devil Productions saw his worth right away and knew Jeff’s work would raise the bar for the company artistically. Since that time Jeff has received published credits as a penciller, inker and cover painter. Recently he has started developing his skills in the digital medium. He looks forward to expanding on his versatility as an artist.