"My name is S.K.I.P. which is an acronym for Samaritan Knowledge Intervenes Preconditioning. I am myself, and make no apoligies for that fact. I am a grio, a present day teacher using hip-hop to education those who are... let's just say: 'in need of education.' No bling bling, no bitches or blunts here. Rather, the mission of my music is to create the foundation for an uprising against all of the forces which oppress us each day. Whether it be the government, the corporations, the freemasons, whoever. I believe in love over hate, peace over war, humility over ego, individuality over uniformity, and the power of the people over the hand of a fear-wielding tyrant such as our great president, or even the lesser of two evils. I've been making music since the seventh grade, playing every instrument i could get my hands on in band class. My love for music grew throughout the years with my learning to play guitar and starting up a couple garage ska bands. But moreso than playing or writing songs, my true passion was writing. Hip-hop and poetry gave me that outlet I was looking for, and I've been using it to breathe ever since.

In early 2004, one of my mentors named Swamburger, from the Sol.illaquists of Sound, approached me wanting to know if I was interested in making some music together. I gladly agreed, and seven albums later, we still haven't stopped yet. He is my main producer, but I always enjoy making music with anyone who shares a like mind. Plus, I have actually been co-producing alot of my tracks alongside Swamburger. And also had the opportunity of incorporating my abilities with piano and guitar into the songs that we make as well. I'm strictly an independent artist, signed to an independent label (http://www.NonsenseRecords.com), making and selling my music independently. You can find me downtown on the streets of Orlando every night selling my CD's on Orange Avenue.

I have a website in which people can check out some of my music at no cost.The web address of the site is: http://www.myspace.com/SKIP . And you can also purchase CD's simply by contacting me through the site or through my email: wake_work_sleep@yahoo.com .

Peace and Love, S.K.I.P."