Since the day he could hold a pen and a pencil, Benjamin J has been drawing and writing. After about a dozen different adolescent career changes, it finally occurred to him that someone who spends so much time drawing and reading comic books should probably try to make some kind of living from it. Self taught as an illustrator, formally educated as a graphic designer, and a lifelong comic book lover, reader, and collector, BJ's singular passion in life is to continue telling entertaining and thought provoking stories, through words and artwork that resonates both visually and emotionally.

"The idea for SoulExodus came to me came when I was about eighteen or nineteen. I grew up on books like Watchmen and Preacher and The Crow and Spawn, so themes of religion, life and death, and out and out destruction tend to find their way into my writing disturbingly often. Most of my "big" concepts (and I believe those of others) always begin with the question of 'what if?' so with SoulExodus, I simply ask what would happen if the end of the world...well, isn't really the end of the world? From that, and really from any scenario that you put enough thought to, a whole world of possibilities arise. The best is yet to me."

Benjamin J. Colón lives in New York City. He's currently battling mediocrity as best he can.