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Volume 1 (2006):

The End of the World as we Know It

162 pages - $13.95

Volume 2 (2008):

In The Mourning

206 pages - $19.95

Volume 3 (2010):

Thunder Road

150 Pages - $14.95

The Children of Light (One Shot, 2011)

21 Pages, full color - $3.00


Wandering Star (One Shot, 2012)

31 Pages, full color - $3.50


The literal, biblical apocalypse has befallen earth at last - heaven and hell have waged savage war in our skies, with humanity in the crossfire - and ninety percent of Earth s population is wiped out in mere days as a result. But when the dust clears and the fighting ends, we are inexplicably left to pick up the pieces.

This is the story of Nephir Sol, and his quest to discover the truth about the mysterious and terrifying abilities he has been given in the wake of the fall of humanity.

The Aftermath of the apocalypse continues as Nephir Sol and his companions embark on a mission to rescue the inhabitants of a dying city from an emerging terror. Amidst the blood and violence, Neph encounters both a link to his past, and what may be a path to his future, and though he won't know which, one may very well lead to the undoing of everything he and his friends have fought for...

And perhaps much, much worse.

As the post apocalyptic elements turn deadly for the remnants of Nephir Sol's now unprotected camp, Cher and Fate journey north in search of Neph, even as forces both human and demonic align, possibly to finish the war that heaven and Hell began.