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I've been hard at work on the 3rd volume of SoulExodus, Thunder Road. On May 9th, 2009, In order to begin the inking, I did something that I did to kick off the inking of the last SoulExo volume, almost two years ago: the twenty-four hour project. For an idea of how this went the last time I publicized it on the website, here's the original 24 hour project feature.

This serves a couple of purposes: One, it's sort of a crash course for myself in the inking process, getting re-acquainted with the techniques I haven't used regularly in a year and a half (and I almost always come up with a few new ones). Two, it's a pretty cool promotional event, to get people interested in the next project. Third, it allows me to hit the ground running on this phase of production -because I'm always a little burned out by this point.


A week by week chronicle of the making of a graphic novel and the creative process.



800 x 600 31024 x 768

800 x 600 31024 x 768

by Chris Molinar

800 x 600 31024 x 768

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Jeff Bracey

The SoulExodus #1 cover artist tells all.

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